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Landscape Nursery for your Norman Project

If you’re already pleased with the overall appearance of your Norman landscape and want to add a few touches of color or texture, you’ve come to the right place! Frank’s Landscape specializes in landscape nursery in addition to traditional landscape services for residential and commercial properties. Since 1983 we’ve committed ourselves to giving our customers a yard that always looks its absolute best, and adding a few plants to their landscapes is one of the best ways to do that.

Add Color and Fragrance to Your Exterior Property

What makes Frank’s Landscape so well qualified to take care of your landscape needs is that we personally grow nearly 150 kinds of trees, some of which stretch up to 30’ tall. If you already have enough trees, we also offer large plant materials for you to choose from.

Reasons to consider adding plants to your Norman landscape include:

  • Adding natural beauty and appeal to your landscape. Guests, customers and other visitors are sure to feel welcome being greeted by an assortment of colors and shapes from your landscape.
  • Improving the bee population. Bees act as nature’s pollinators, and their numbers have been dipping dangerously low in past years. You and your landscape will be helping our food supply and various food sources.
  • Adding visual interest and education. When you’ve got several different kinds of plants and trees on your property, there are bound to be various birds and maybe even interesting wildlife drawn to your arrangement. Your landscape could make for a great learning opportunity as you identify and study Mother Nature’s visitors.
  • Fresh air and fragrance. Plants create oxygen, and there’s no better feeling than walking through a garden and breathing the fresh air produced by trees, shrubs, flowers and other plants. When they bloom, flowers and plants create an inviting scent that creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. What home or business couldn’t do without a place of serenity?

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